Hello, it's me, Bimi!

I I have a dream...

I want to own more cow tokens than my father

to make the cow world great again...

It's me

Name: Bimi

age: 29 cow years

Location: Cowstalasia

My vision:

Become the richest cow in Cowstalasia to distribute the Cowtokens fairly to the other cows.

Click the Unicorn or the button to buy Bimi on Uniswap


Edward is my father !

He is the rich cow in Cowstalasiatown.

He's a bad cow.

He owns almost all of the cowtokens and enslaves the other cows.


He has one weakness:

He loves Ethereum coins.

Ethereum coins are worthless in Cowstalasia, but since they sparkle so beautifully, he can't get enough of them.

That's why he loves to exchange cow tokens for Ethereum coins.

And this is the plan:

The more cow tokens we trade with him, the more power he loses.

So let's save Cowstalasia together !!!


100% liquidity

0% tax

What are you waiting for?

There's no better time to safe Cowstalasiatown.

Also: If you make my world better, I'll make yours better too!

100% lp

no taxes for Bimi - so I can`t buy more sunglasses, but save Cowstalasia



Phase 1

initialization token

listing on Unsiwap

Coinmarketcap listing

Coingecko listing

Build a Community on twitter

Phase 2

Optimize Marketing

Optimize Homepage

Creation of a Telegram group

Telling an ongoing story about Cowstalasia depending on the chart

Phase 3

coming soon